American Christian School is a pre-K through high school college preparatory school that exists to develop students who think critically, communicate effectively and excel academically for Christ.



Leadership & Staff

Creative, passionate, caring - these are only a few of the words that describe our committed and talented faculty at American Christian School. Devoted to seeing students pursue deeper understanding in an academic environment where Christ is the center, our staff is continually seeking God's best for our students. They do more than just instruct students; they mentor young minds to think, lead and serve.


Mrs. Kristen Brennan
-Head of School

Mrs. Millie Maldonado

Mrs. Elena Archilla
-North Campus Office Manager

Mrs. Trish Palmer
-Director of Admissions

Mrs. Elissa Rizzo
-Dir of Technology &
 Academics/TRIL (Media)

Mrs. Martine Rowe
-Office Manager

Mrs. Katie Rubright
-Elementary Vice Principal

Mrs. Maureen Williams


Ms. Sandy Alarcon
-Homeroom Grade 9
-H.S. English

Mr. Eric Ambjor
-H.S. Physics

Dr. Carolyn Bartek
-M.S./H.S. Science

Ms. Joelle Cancelliere
-Physical Ed, K-12

Mrs. Tara DiGiacomo
-H.S. English, Bible, History

Mr. Gabriel Espinal
-Grade 5

Mr. Bill Fennelly
-Athletic Director
-M.S. Bible, History, Literature
-7th Grade Homeroom


Mrs. Theresa Fogel
-HS English

Mrs. Paula Fulper
-Grade 4

Mrs. Cherlyn Gatto
-HS/MS Math
-HS Psychology

Mrs.  Kristin Havyar
-Art K-12

Mrs. Kellie Henningsen
-H.S. Writing

Dr. Philip Jones
-Homeroom Grade 11
-H.S. History

Mr. John Jukoski
Computer Science

Mrs. Linda Kearns
-Grade 1

Mrs. Reena Kirspel
-M.S./H.S. Public

Mrs. Ann McDonald
-MS/HS Math & Science

Mrs. Debby McMullin
-PK 4

Mrs. Chrissy Miller
-Grade 3

Mrs. Susan Monaco
-HS Spanish

Mrs. Wendy Muir
-Latin Grades K-8

Mr. Michael Rhett
-H.S. Government

Mrs. Elissa Rizzo
-Dir of Technology &
 Academics/TRIL (Media)

Mrs. Lauren Rogler

Dr.  Gabriel Salameh
-Homeroom Grade 8
-H.S. Math
-H.S. Bible

Mr. Reuben Scheeringa

Mrs. Tamara Severenuk
-Grade 2

Mr. Stuart Swicegood
--M.S. Logic


Mrs. Sharon Testa
-Grade 6 Science

Mr. Andrew Tome


Mrs. Alexis Williams
-PK 3

Mrs. Christina Wolan

Mrs. Tara Worth
-Music, K-12

Auxiliary Staff

Mrs. Kristen Bolan
-Hot Lunch Coordinator

Mrs. Rachel DiQuattro
-Marketing Director

Mrs. Dori Flatt
-MS/HS Special Services Coordinator

Mrs. Carol Krajc
-School Nurse

Mrs. Paula Miller
-H.S. Program

Mrs. Sherry Young
-Director of College

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