American Christian School is a pre-K through high school college preparatory school that exists to develop students who think critically, communicate effectively and excel academically for Christ.



Leadership & Staff

Creative, passionate, caring - these are only a few of the words that describe our committed and talented faculty at American Christian School. Devoted to seeing students pursue deeper understanding in an academic environment where Christ is the center, our staff is continually seeking God's best for our students. They do more than just instruct students; they mentor young minds to think, lead and serve.


Mrs. Brennan
-Head of School

Mrs. Maldonado
-Vice Principal

Mrs. Flatt
-North Campus
 Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Palmer
-Director of Admissions

Mrs. Rizzo
-Director of Educational
 Services & Technology
-T.R.I.L. Grades 4-12

Mrs. Rowe
-Office Manager

Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Woods
-North Campus
 Administrative Assistant


Ms. Alarcon
-Homeroom Grade 9
-H.S. Literature

Mr. Ambjor
-H.S. Physics

Dr. Bartek
-H.S. Chemistry
-M.S./H.S. Math

Mrs. Blewett

Ms. Ceglia
-PK 3
-Theatre K-5


Mrs. DiGiacomo
-H.S. Bible
-H.S. History
-H.S. Literature

Mr. Espinal
-Grade 5

Mrs. Fulper
-Grade 6

Mrs. Gallagher
-Science Grade 3

Mr. Grady
-Homeroom Grade 8
-M.S./H.S. Math
-M.S./H.S. Science

Mr. Gruswitz
-Robotics Grades 5 & 6
-Coding Grades 7 & 8
-H.S. Web/App Design


Mrs. Havyar
-Art K-12

Dr. Jones
-Homeroom Grade 11
-H.S. History

Mr. Jukowski
-H.S. Economics

Mrs. Kearns
-Grade 1

Mrs. Kirspel
-M.S./H.S. Public

Mrs. McDermott
-Science Grade 4 & 5

Mrs. McMullin
-PK 4

Mrs. Muir
-Latin Grades 3-8

Ms. Pearce
-Grade 4
-Athletic Director K-12
-MS/HS Physical Education

Mrs. Pinero
-H.S. Spanish

Mrs. Provence
-Homeroom Grade 7
-M.S. Omnibus (Bible,
 Literature & History)

Mr. Rhett
-H.S. Government

Mrs. Rizzo
-Director of Educational
 Services & Technology
-T.R.I.L. Grades 4-12

Mrs. Seganish
-Homeroom Grade 10
-H.S. Biology
-H.S. Bible, M.S. Logic


Mrs. Severenuk
-Grade 2

Mrs. Shultz
-Homeroom Grade 12
-M.S./H.S. Math
-M.S./H.S. Science

Mrs. Simpson
-Music K-12

Mrs. Solis
-Grade 3
-K-6 Department Head

Mrs. Wagner
-M.S./H.S. Math

Mrs. Wolan

Auxiliary Staff

Mrs. Archilla
-Grade 4 Aide

Mrs. Bolan
-Hot Lunch Coordinator

Mrs. Fuson
-PreSchool Aide

Mrs. Krajc
-School Nurse

Mrs. Miller
-H.S. Program

Mrs. Young
-Director of College

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