American Christian School is a pre-K through high school college preparatory school that exists to develop students who think critically, communicate effectively and excel academically for Christ.



Job Opportunities

ACS is currently accepting Employment Applications for the position(s) listed below

Due to the growth that ACS is experiencing and the expansion to a second campus, there are several opportunities available for the 2017-18 school year. Interested applicants should email resumes to


Middle and High School Openings*

  • High School Government Teacher, Grade 12 (Part Time)

  • High School Literature/Composition Teacher (Part Time)

  • High School Introduction to Marketing Elective Teacher (Part Time)

  • High School Biology Teacher  (Part Time)

  • High School Bible Teacher (Part Time)

  • High School Computer Electives Teacher (Part Time)

  • Physical Education Teacher, Grades 7-12 (Part Time)

  • Middle/High School Math Teacher (Part Time)

  • Middle School Science Teacher (Part Time)

  • Middle School Logic Teacher  (Part Time)

  • Digital Literacy Teacher, i.e. Digital Citizenship/Typing, Grades 5-12 (Part Time)

  • Robotics Teacher, Grades 5-8 (Part Time)

  • High School Introduction to Business Elective Teacher (Part Time)

    *Prospective applicants may have the opportunity to combine courses for a full time position.


Elementary School Openings

  • Elementary School Supervisor (Part Time)
    Responsible for supporting/managing K-6th grade teachers, overseeing elementary school curriculum and addressing student/parent needs.

  • Elementary Teacher (Full Time)

  • Theater Teacher, Grades K-5 (Part Time)

  • Physical Education Teacher, Grades K-6 (Part Time)

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