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American Christian School is a pre-K through high school college preparatory school that exists to develop students who think critically, communicate effectively and excel academically for Christ.



American Christian School | Classical Christian Education | Morris County, NJ





American Christian School Recognized Among 2021 Best Schools in America

October 22, 2020 -- Here at American Christian School we’re thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as a 2021 Best School by Niche! This year, we ranked 6th in the entire state.
We’ve earned this ranking by scoring highly in many different factors that aim to capture what it’s really like to attend American Christian School. While we’ve always known that American Christian School is a wonderful place to learn and grow, we’re so proud of our students and staff for earning this national distinction.
You can check out American Christian School’s profile and see the full list of 2021 rankings, methodologies, and data sources over at niche.com and learn more about ACS at americanchristianschool.org. Thanks again to our community for working hard everyday to make American Chrstian School worthy of national attention.





“Parents are commissioned by the Lord to protect their children, to raise them in the knowledge and love of God, and to guard them against anything that would lead them away from God.  We live in a culture that is in free-fall in its departure from God.  That departure is now being focused on our children.  The public school system is increasingly being used as an instrument to focus on our children, as young as kindergartners, to indoctrinate them from youth away from and against the ways of God.  Each parent is responsible before God to guard their children against such things.  Therefore, a parent must do whatever he or she can to protect their children.  There are two alternatives to the public school system: homeschooling and Christian schools.  I encourage all parents to check these alternatives for themselves.  And for those who live in the region, I give my highest recommendation to American Christian School in Succasunna, New Jersey, in providing not only a curriculum of academic excellence but one that is fully centered and grounded on God and His Word.
We will all stand before the Lord to give account – including account as to how we raised and protected our children.  No sacrifice or price is too great in the fulfilling of this sacred trust.

Jonathan Cahn – Author of The Harbinger and other NYTimes bestselling books, Pastor, and President of Hope of the World




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Imagine your perfect school. A place where teachers are committed to providing the highest intellectual standards.


A classroom where lessons are both academic and spiritual. A safe, stimulating environment where students’ opinions and input are valued and encouraged. A place where your child will grow into an articulate defender of Christian truth while reaching their utmost academic potential.


That place is not only real, but local. Welcome to American Christian School.


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