Senior Accomplishments

2020-2022 Senior Accomplishments

We are extremely proud of our ACS Senior Class Students. The facts listed below reflect just some of their accomplishments. Their service to the community and
our school and their incredible leadership must also be acknowledged.

During last 3 years, 5% of our graduates have gone on to Ivy League
schools, with:

o 100 % scholarships of at least $240,000
o Schools attended include Cornell, Columbia and University of Penn.
o The #1 reason given was the quantity of Dual Enrollment Courses

The ACS Dual Enrollment Program:
o Over 20 College credits taught by ACS College Professors, of whom
several have their Doctorate degrees
o Over 400 College courses completed by Seniors over last 3 years.
o Our average graduate can finish college in 3 years. The national
average shows 58% of students take 6 years or more to finish.
o Five of the 2022 graduates started college with an Associate’s Degree.
o Each year saved has an equivalent ROI of around $100,000 (tuition
saved plus job income plus benefits for that year saved)

Other top universities our recent graduates have been accepted into include
Pepperdine University, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, William & Mary,
Syracuse University, Texas A&M, Grove City College and Rutgers

Our Sports, Art and Music programs have won national and local awards.
The 2020-22 Senior Classes represented 45% diversity, and include first
generation college attendees.

Praise the Lord for His Blessing on ACS and these students!