ACS Students Flourish at Spruce Lake!

Recently, students in grades 7th-10th experienced the excitement and wonder that is Spruce Lake. Each year, grouped by grades 7 & 8 and 9 & 10, students attend Spruce Lake for two days to enrich their lives through team-building & adventure activities, and compelling lessons on wildlife and outdoor skills that show students the miracles of God’s creation. Students walked away feeling a deeper connection not only to our Lord, but each other. Furthermore, it created a firm foundation among the students so they can flourish and grow as individuals and a group. One thing is for sure…they cannot wait to go back next year!

To give your child the opportunity to attend Spruce Lake with ACS, schedule a tour today!

Here, learning is an adventure, a discovery, a celebration, and knowledge grounded in biblical truth. It consists of a program that is boldly experiential and confidently Christ-centered. Our entire curriculum complements your own study areas, as well as teaching concepts of leadership, personal growth and spiritual development.

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