High School

The ACS College Preparatory High School Program is based on over 55 years of experience in education. Great academics, excellent communication skills and a relationship with Christ prepare our students to stand out as both exceptional college students and future world changers.


Our students’ academic success is due to many factors incorporating our unique approach to education.

The Socratic Method of Teaching

Focuses on discussion and debate versus lecture encouraging retention, collaboration, and critical thinking. The ability to logically express one’s views and assess another’s is as foundational as the facts being taught in any subject.

The Teacher-Student Relationship

Faculty and administration are available and accessible to students, providing sound mentoring and guidance. Our teacher/ student ratios further facilitate this goal and our open-door approach ensures each student develops these imperative relationships.

Above and Beyond Core Academics

Classes in leadership, conflict resolution, career opportunities, and practical living further enhance our academic structure. Rhetoric courses such as public speaking and debate, are mandatory for each of the 4 years of high school.

A Customized Approach

High School students cannot reach their full potential by participating in a one-size-fits-all program. Academic plans for students are continually reviewed to determine the most suitable courses for them as an individual.

College Credit Courses

Dual Enrollment courses are available in addition to honors and college preparatory levels. Students are able to graduate with enough credits to eliminate a semester or even an entire year of college.

Academic Assistance

Specific classes, one-on-one support, and modifications are provided for students who may struggle academically. Individual plans are also established to ensure the student has every opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Graduation Requirements

More stringent than public schools, ACS requirements ensure ACS students will meet entrance requirements to all universities and colleges.

Graduation Requirement Details

  • 4 years of Math
  • 4 years of Bible
  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of History
  • 4 years of Physical Education
  • 3 years of Science
  • 3 years of Language
  • 4 years of Tech/Arts/Practical Electives
  • 4 years of Service Project Participation


College Admissions Program

The consistent acceptance of ACS students into their first choice universities can be attributed in part to the school’s unique combination of a professional college admissions program with an in-depth understanding of each student.

College Admission Test (SAT/ACT) Preparation

A college admissions test is a standardized test with the goal of measuring a student’s math, verbal and analytical aptitudes. They are not developed to measure what a student has learned during school but rather, are used to assess their preparedness for college and as a way to compare against other students.

In addition to GPAs and resumes and recommendations, they are arguably one of the key factors used to determine college acceptance and scholarship awards.

Given their importance, ACS has developed an entire College Admissions Test Preparation Plan to ensure students are successful. Studies show students’ scores are improved by exposure to

  • Latin is taught to all students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. High School students have the option to take it as their foreign language.
  • Logic teaches formal and informal Logic for two years in 7th and 8th grade.
  • Critical thinking and analysis uses the classical Curriculum which emphasizes teaching critical thinking, debate and discourse. High School students learn through the Socratic method of teaching built into every course.
  • Extensive practice tests and training in the nuances of the test. Students in 7-9th grade have SAT/ACT preparation built into their math and language arts classes. The 10th and 11th-grade students attend a course focused solely on preparation for the tests.

Career Guidance

  • Career assessment tests given
  • Exposure to a large variety of speakers representing various careers
  • Promote internships

College Application Support

  • Individualized detailed college admissions plan for each student
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Early identification of target colleges and universities
  • Oversee the college application process and follow the application within an institution
  • Guidance and teacher recommendations are personal not a template
  • Attendance to college fairs

Beyond Academics

Life for an ACS student goes beyond academics; providing students with opportunities to grow and prepare for college.

Leadership Opportunities:

Students are constantly exposed to opportunities to develop and lead initiatives from marketing their own high school to planning and implementing community service projects.

Field Trips:

Extensive off-campus opportunities for learning are offered throughout high school including museums, concerts, theater, university lectures, United Nations, New York Stock Exchange, Picatinny Arsenal, restaurants and more.

Overnight Excursions:

A 3 day Christ-centered outdoor team-building program in the Poconos is a great way to kick of the school year for 9th and 10th graders. Juniors and Seniors participate in a week-long missions trip to Europe.


National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta Society, Model United Nations, Missions, Art, Choir, Band, Bible Study, Prom, Media, Marketing, Math, Chess, Science and more.

Spiritual Growth

We at American Christian School place Christ at the center of our curriculum and our daily lives. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to seeking God’s best for our students. We provide an environment conducive to both spiritual and academic growth utilizing the renowned framework of Classical Christian Education.


American Christian School endeavors to develop each student’s mind and spirit, inspiring them to become lifelong learners and individuals who value Christian principles and exemplify the four traits of our WHIM Character Program.

Work Ethic: A set of values based on the moral virtues of consistent hard work and diligence.

Humility: The willingness to be taught or corrected and the desire to honor others before self.

Integrity: A commitment to make the correct moral and ethical decision, even when forces are telling and pulling one to do otherwise.

Maturity: Wisdom, born out of life events that give individuals the ability to express the right emotion at the right intensity and the discernment to interpret other’s emotions.

Every aspect of ACS is founded on a relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Teacher Devotion: Every morning teachers gather to pray and prepare for the day
  • Chapel: Students attend once a week for praise and worship and inspirational speakers
  • Service Projects: Every student is continually involved in community service projects such as working in soup kitchens, caring for handicapped children, collecting toys for homeless children and much more

Strengthen Their Walk With the Lord

  • Formal Bible training
  • Biblical viewpoint in every course
  • Taught to defend and articulate beliefs
  • Same beliefs shared by entire surrounding community i.e., teachers, peers, parents, speakers