Who are we?

ACS Students Known & Loved

Students thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually when given strong

relationships and access to positive adult role models.

ACS Students Lead

ACS students are trained in leadership and given the opportunity to practice it:

student government, student-led Chapel, assemblies, and more.

ACS Beyond the Classroom

Successful education requires more than classroom academics. ACS students engage in

athletics, fine arts, clubs, field/mission trips, internships and more.

ACS Centered on Jesus

Wisdom, virtue and a love of service are cultivated as students grow

in their knowledge and relationship with Jesus.

ACS Academic Excellence

Students are taken to their highest possible academic levels using the Classical Curriculum,

small class sizes and college preparatory levels of study.

ACS Teachers Heart of the School

Dedicated faculty members are the heart of ACS, providing discipleship to develop leadership,

academic growth and personalized connections to each student.

ACS Families Care

ACS family involvement is foundational to our students’ success. We are committed to this partnership.