ACS believes that a learning disability should not be seen as a barrier to education, but as a chance to educate differently. It is with that in mind that we proudly offer the Arrowsmith Program at American Christian School.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, the Arrowsmith Program is founded on over 30 years of experience and research in neuroscience. It focuses not on learning dysfunctions, but the weak cognitive skills underlying those disabilities. Arrowsmith identifies, intervenes and strengthens those weak cognitive capacities to provide a strengthened foundation upon which students can base their studies.

The Arrowsmith Program employs innovative methods, detailed testing and proven results for 19 different learning dysfunctions. Participants in Arrowsmith can tackle their difficulties with writing, reading and mathematics, comprehension and logical reasoning, problem solving, non-verbal learning, attention, dyslexia and more.

Traditionally, students with learning disabilities have been treated as “differently abled” or less adept than others. By contrast, the Arrowsmith Program deals with the root causes of each student’s learning disability, treating the source of the problem rather than simply managing its symptoms.

“The Arrowsmith Program changes the capacity of the individual to learn, rather than compensatory which tries to work around the problem. Strengthening these weaker capacities increases the overall functioning of these specific cognitive areas allowing them to be used effectively for learning.”

The Arrowsmith Program accomplishes the following:

  • Builds and strengthens cognitive processes that are necessary for more efficient learning
  • Trains visual and auditory memory as well as attention and concentration
  • Improves fine motor skills necessary for writing and note-taking
  • Strengthens working memory, processing speed and cognitive efficiency
  • Strengthens executive functions
  • Builds the capacity for both verbal and non-verbal thinking, reasoning and problem solving
  • Discover why your child struggles at school – Take Arrowsmith’s Cognitive Questionnaire.

To learn if Arrowsmith is the right match for you, please click the link below to complete our questionnaire: