A Day at ACS

American Christian School has two campuses nestled in the communities of Succasunna and nearby Wharton.

The Succasunna or ‘South’ Campus consists of three buildings housing the Pre-school and Elementary School. Each day at 8:00 am a caravan of cars, minivans, and SUV’s follow the winding driveway to the appropriate building. The students eagerly exit the vehicles and enter the classroom where they are greeted by an amazing classically-trained Christian educator. The pledge of allegiance is followed by prayer and then the teaching begins. The teachers provide exceptional instruction, exalting Christ in concert with high academic standards. Preschool children can be heard singing songs listing all 50 states, oceans, and planets. 1st Graders recite grammar chants showing they understand direct objects, article adjectives, and so much more. 4th Grade may be heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and 6th grade can be found giving speeches on historic events or preparing for a Latin class.

The end of the day arrives at 2:45 pm for Pre-school and 3:00 pm for the Elementary students. At American Christian School the typical student’s eagerness to exit the campus and get home is substituted by fellowship and joyful lingering.

The ‘North’ Campus in Rockaway is home to the 7th and 8th grades and the High School. Understanding the importance of a healthy start to the day, ACS begins middle and high school at 8:15 am, with doors opening at 7:30am. Settling into their academics, the Classical approach is obvious to see in each classroom.  Critical thinking is honed by stressing discourse and debate over lectures, public speaking classes are attended by all grades, middle school students discuss topics like logic and intense analysis of such classics as Homer’s Odyssey and Shakespeare. High school students are engaged in coursework that will give them college credits along with meeting their high school requirements.

North Worship team at South

At lunchtime, you will find students working off their energy on the basketball court, attending a Bible study, or participating in one of the many clubs and societies available like the Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Art Club, and the Prom Committee.

Both campuses are vibrant after school ends with students engaged in sports, community projects, clubs, dance, forensics, Model UN and dozens of other opportunities to grow beyond academics.

Throughout the day, teachers and administration are intentional about teaching every student about God and giving them every opportunity to develop a relationship with Him.

The warm and loving culture of ACS, nearly 60 years of service to the community, reflects its priority to develop the Christian leaders this country needs.