“As our graduates exalt Christ and pursue excellence throughout New Jersey, the United States and the world, you will be assured that your gifts are not given in vain, but are changing the world.”

American Christian School is a community of believers. We believe that Jesus is Lord. We believe in the value of a classical educational framework. We know that Christian education is more relevant and necessary in today’s world than ever.

We invite you to join us and ensure that our students, families and faculty can continue their daily effort to advance Christ’s mission while developing students who think critically, communicate effectively and excel academically for Him.

Cornerstone Support ($50 monthly)

The consistent gift of Cornerstone Support is essential to the continuation of Christ’s mission at American Christian School, which intertwines with our core curriculum via a classical Christian framework. With your reliable monthly donation, you will become the Cornerstone of our students’ success, equipping them to engage the world through Christ’s Word. Show your support and help advance Christ’s mission through ACS.

Sponsor a Desk ($3,500 annually)

American Christian School is sensitive to the personal, financial and structural changes within a family. We believe these changes do not alter a Christ-minded student’s need for an outstanding education. Your generous sponsorship of a desk continues Christ’s mission and directly impacts students who have been affected by negative change and unfortunate circumstances. Be a vessel of Christ’s compassion, inspire a family and sponsor a student in his/her pursuit of academic excellence.

Legacy Gifts ($5,000+ annually)

God has blessed certain individuals with financial success, and also opened their hearts to the values of classical Christian education. If you are such an individual, we would greatly appreciate your consideration of making a Legacy Gift to the American Christian School. Your generosity and attentiveness towards our school helps ensure that Christian education is validated, protected, enhanced and preserved in our community.

Thank You!

Your generosity is a blessing to American Christian School and its students, and a reflection of the light of Christ. We thank you greatly for your gifts.

If you would like more information regarding the donation process, please contact us at (973) 584-6616.

– Colossians 4:17 (NIV)