The Investment

At American Christian School, we strongly believe a classical Christian education is invaluable. Our commitment and dedication to your children ensures that their tuition is not an expense, but an investment.

When you select American Christian School, your child receives a challenging classical Christian curriculum taught by devoted educators in small class sizes. At ACS, each student receives the best of care and Christ-centered guidance from our entire faculty and staff.

Today, it is vital our children receive not just an academic education, but a moral one in order to become tomorrow’s leaders. American Christian School pledges itself to shepherd our youth towards that ideal in a distinctly Christian environment.

Multiple Child Tuition Incentives

When you entrust the education of multiple children to American Christian School, we reward your trust by providing family-based incentives.

3rd Child: 10% discount
4th Child: 20% discount
5th Child (and beyond): Please contact ACS for specific details

Tuition Assistance

The American Christian School provides financial assistance in certain instances. Cases will be handled individually and discreetly based on personal and financial circumstances. Please contact us at (973) 584-6616 ext. 5 for an application or if you have any questions.

Pastoral Discounts

ACS is aware of the sacrifices that pastors make for the benefit of our community. In recognition of their service, ACS offers a 50% discount to children of pastors, plus the ability to request financial assistance. For more information, please contact the office.

The American Christian School instituted an easy-to-use online payment program called FACTS which provides families different options over a 10-month span, twice a year, or as a one-time payment.