What is happening at ACS that makes it so successful?

Our ‘formula’? Offer exceptional academics, saturate the students of all ages with service and community projects, provide specific leadership/character development training and opportunities to practice leadership; and do all of this with a constant focus on building an ever-deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Exceptional Academics:

ACS is a Classical Christian School.  The Classical teaching approach is employed by private schools nationwide and has a proven track record for producing an academic level of teaching that, when measured against other curriculums, exceeds at every age and every subject (read more about Classical Christian education here).

Service and Community Focus:

An exceptional education should include more than just the academics of reading, writing and math. Beginning in preschool and through every grade, ACS students participate in service projects throughout the year. From Kindergartners selling lemonade for a cause, to 4th graders writing letters to military, to high school students helping children with significant disabilities – an ACS student is raised up to view helping others as a natural, constant purpose in life, not an extra event done to enrich their own resume.


Every child will be called on to lead in their adult lives, yet most educational systems do not include any formal leadership training or enough opportunities to practice. At ACS, all grades are given age-appropriate lessons in leadership and opportunities to practice what they learn.  The high school provides specific classes in leadership skills and philosophies.  Students are required to start and lead their own project with a mentor for support.  This focus also includes what is commonly referred to as ‘character development’.  Students are taught and held to high standards of behavior at ACS. Rather than seeming confining and rigid, the environment produced is the exact opposite; students thrive when manners, kindness, forgiveness and other basic behaviors are practiced.

Add in deeply committed teachers, each with an anointing for teaching and you have the formula for an extremely effective school.