Our New Home

Welcome Home to Rockaway!

The next chapter in God’s story of ACS is here!

We are blessed to share we are moving to 100 Academy Street in Rockaway, NJ to grow our North Campus. Our new school is a combination of historic and modern buildings covering over 32,000 square feet. It extends over two floors, boasts expanded classroom space, with the opportunity for a garden and an outdoor eating area on the grounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ACS is grateful for the chapter at the Wharton Campus, but it was a temporary home, as it was always intended to be. God blessed us with an opportunity to purchase our forever home this summer to give our current students and new families a permanent (much larger) location.

The Rockaway Campus is larger than our Wharton Campus, allowing for growth. There is a gym, but it is not built for the needs of varsity sports. Currently, we will rely on the generous offer of a local church with a gym until we can add our own to the property. This is one of our first priorities and more information will follow soon.

School hours will remain the same.

The school day begins at 8:15AM and ends at 2:55PM.

The doors will open at 7:30AM and close promptly at 3:30PM*. (*Students in afterschool activities may remain later, under the supervision of an adult.)

Information on availability of campus tours will be announced soon. Check the home page for updates.

As with any new “home” purchase, there are some cleaning, painting and general updates that need to be done. Whether you are a veteran to ACS, a new family member or even a friend, you can help us make this campus amazing.

We will have several work days coming up in August and we encourage you to join us and see the campus for yourself! Stay tuned for dates and more info!

“North” Campus will now be located at 100 Academy Street, in Rockaway, New Jersey. See it here on the map.

Our new Rockaway Campus is only 4.5 miles away from the previous Wharton location, and about a 10 minute drive.

Our new North Campus is about 11.5 miles from our South Campus and a 15 minute drive, depending on traffic.

Currently we are discussing different options to transport students between campuses including a van or carpooling. Many families have to drop children off at South first then head to North and vice versa so we encourage families to connect with one another and discuss ride sharing.

As more options become available, we will share them with you.