Linda Kerns

Linda was born in South Africa. She moved to the US in 1998, and married Brian in 2000. She has 2 boys, David and Jonathan. David is currently attending CCM, studying computer science, and Jonathan has just joined the Army National Guard. Both of her boys graduated from ACS. Linda has taught for 21 years. 12 of those years has been in first grade. She has taught in a classical education school for 9 years. Linda is committed to the ACS mission. She has seen the academic excellence that the classical curriculum provides, and loves that she can weave the gospel into her lessons, giving the students both a strong academic background, and a solid biblical foundation. Linda enjoys music and plays both piano and guitar. She likes to spend her free time teaching children piano, as well as working on new pieces of music, enjoying both classical and worship music She also enjoys going for walks and kayaking on the lake near her house.