Melanie Stanford

Melanie has been involved at ACS as a parent since 2009. She was a lunch helper, chaperoned field trips and ran the Book-It Program. Since 2018, she has stepped up to be an ACS employee doing everything from covering the front desk, aiding in classrooms, serving lunch, scheduling speakers for both campus chapels as well as scheduling speakers for the high school Practical Living class and last but not least, accompanying our wonderful ACS choirs for Choir Fests, Christmas and Spring concerts. Just this past summer, she took on the task of north campus office manager. Melanie has 2 amazing children at ACS. Tori is a senior this year and Teagan is a sophomore. They have both been here since kindergarten. They also just adore their dog, Biscuit. Melanie has most recently been attending Budd Lake Chapel. She is committed to this school not only because of its Godly values, but the high level of our teachers and staff is a joy to look forward to every day!